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For four decades Jacqueline has been working as an artist and has also been involved in design led projects, artist in education practise in galleries, universities and schools. She is the in-house designer for the Vintage Hot Rod Association and also creates designs for vintage fashion brands, music and car events worldwide. She is happy to work to a commission brief but is even happier when she gets a free input. She explains herself, "I'm an ideas person - I like to design stuff and make things”. At the heart of her practise is her love of printed textile design. Besides creating merchandise for sale, she has produced many educational resources designed for children for use in hands on exhibition spaces to travelling and digital downloads. She describes her work as happy and is forever inspired by mid-century design and optimism.

During COVID Jacqueline used the time to self-teach herself the art of drawing digitally on her iPad using Procreate. This has led to the vast body of work within the subject matter of vintage and classic car illustrations that has been commissioned from around the world. From private commissions to event posters and merchandise, to a new collection of limited-edition art prints. 

Her artist in residency work is a socially engaged, and although some of her sessions are with adults, Jacqueline has focused most of her expertise in early years after researching and attending the Reggio Emilia Study week In Italy in 2010. Since then, she has designed and created a children’s exhibition for the National Theatre and has made numerous resources for Firstsite and Northampton Museum. She has specialised as a forest school artist for over fifteen years visiting early years setting across Essex and led adult inset days and keynote speeches on early years art for the sector. She has also led workshops with Suffolk Art Link and The Dora Love Prize at Essex University for the last four years. Her sessions are inspirational and involve everyone, even a passing cleaner was once encouraged to participate. she adds "I always hand teachers, helpers and/or careers an apron and a brush when they walk into my sessions”.

Although Jacqueline went to Liverpool Art School to study Printed Textile Design, the course was heavily inspired by modern painters. This has stayed with her, and she has painted many a series on canvas over the years. Her works on canvas have had themes from tropical Polynesian and Americana pop culture influences. She has been working on a collection of tribal, cave like paintings for the last few years. They have Native American references, in muted tones, heavily textured with mid-century modern overtones.    

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